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more projects. more stories. more gutz.

With the magic mix of grit + vision,

Gutzi Design focuses on helping startups,

small businesses + any other entrepreneurial pursuits achieve their full potential.


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What is Gutzi Design?

Basically, Gutzi Design is me; Faith Gutzman.

I founded + design for Gutzi but have a cast of talented people I work with time-to-time on
certain projects.

So to put it simply, I create the perfect A-Team for your projects so you get the best quality
work possible.

The Good Stuff

My work has never been a solo act + your next project is no exception. This is a collaboration where we both have the same goal, your success.
Check out some of my design work below.

*More work with case studies coming to the site June 2017.*

Wanna get Gutzi?

Tell me about your business + what you want to collab on. All new projects come with a free design consult meeting, so let's meet up for coffee + chat!

*Also available for short term freelancing gigs
for design agencies in Columbus, OH*





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